Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Advice from Darling Madeleine

I hate shaving and want to get laser hair removal. I have fair skin and baby blonde hair, is laser hair removal good for me?

While this brunette would love to have that blonde hair, when you have baby blonde hair you are not a good candidate for any type of laser hair removal. Lasers target the pigment in the hair and blondes lack that pigment. I would strongly advise against shaving with a razor blade since it toughens the follicle. Remember how soft our leg hair was when we were dying to be a 'big girl' and shave? Now it has been replaced with not so soft stubble. You can always try a depilatory cream remover or get it waxed just once to see how you like it. That's the benefit- there's no committment or harm done! For maintainence our clients love the Finishing Touch Personal Groomer or something to that effect. It's a small electric razor that is perfect for little touch ups.

I have dark circles under my eyes, no matter how much sleep I get. I want to look fresh and natural, so what should I do?

Dark circles rank right up there with cellulite in terms of difficult issues to treat and hence very frustrating for technicians. The eye area is incredibly thin skinned(think of the cheapest 1 ply toilet paper), so it is common to have some 'color' under the eyes just due to the transparency of that skin and seeing the blood underneath it. Three things to ensure you are doing are proper sleep, proper hydration & utilizing an eye cream that incorporates vitamin k. Heredity definitely plays a factor, so a more aggressive approach involves having some volumizer like Juvaderm injected into the eye area that will help plump that area, so there's a less sunken look. An easier option is to look for an amazing concealer like True Cosmetics Protective illuminating Concealer that includes the antioxidant, idebenone, an ingredient that helps fight fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper- pigmentation. Here's to brighter days!


Amanda B. Young said...

Great advice! I could use some under eye help, that's for sure!

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Vici Yelton said...

Thanks for the eye advice. I have struggled with that problem for years. Not just dark under the eyes, but all around. Do you have a cream with vitamin K that you would recommend?

And since you brought up cellulite, what are your recommendations for that problem?

Love your advice. Please keep it coming.

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