Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the Trenches, part 2

Continuing with thoughts of adorable rainwear...umbrellas and my all time favorite rain boot-wellies! The pretty blue, modern circles and the vintage floral umbrella are both from totes!

Enjoying the Orange in these Hunter Wellies and the classic Burberry Umbrella. What do you think of these and the flirty black trench by Mackage?


lunarzie said...

if armed w/ that beautiful umbrella and gorgeous orange boots, i won't mind when it rains. :-)

Honeyandpig said...

I love the umbrellas especially the polka dotted ones.
So perfect. Happy Spring.

teakettica said...

Love your blog, darlin'!

edyta szyszlo photo said...

i gotta stuck up on these adorabe umbrellas! would be great for photo shoots!