Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Older

My birthday is fast approaching, and as much as I wish it wouldn't, there's nothing I can do but embrace the fact that I'm getting older and go with it. It's not really getting older that bugs me, it's aging. Wrinkles, sagging skin, weight gain, aching joints...yeah, I guess not quite yet (turning 29) but I do have this weird fear of feeling and looking old. I don't tan, I don't smoke, I don't drink really, and I'm weird about skincare and haircare. I have a few wrinkles that thoroughly piss me off, and I'm doing all I can to avoid any more, and minimize the ones I have. We've all spent lots of money on products that don't deliver, and although I'm not skincare expert, I have friends who are, and I've been around long enough (but not too long) to know what works for my combination oily-acne-prone-now wrinkle prone skin. Sucks to be trying to prevent crows feet only to find a pimple a few millimeters away! Here are my favorites, tried and true, a few that are new, some expensive, some middle of the road, and some a decent buy!
Kate Somerville Products-Madeleine of La Papillon introduced me to the world of Kate Somerville and I'm glad she did. This stuff works. I love the Exfolikate. I have a hard time exfoliating my skin-stuff is either way too harsh, like rubbing rock salt against my skin, or not abrasive enough-like swiping liquid marshmallow all over. This is the perfect solution. And your skin looks, feels and IS so clean afterwards. I am also always on the hunt for a great under eye cream, and I feel like when it comes to under the eye, you really can't skimp. So the Kate Somerville Line Release is a splurge well worth it!

Cetaphil-I love this everyday cleanser. Been using it for 15 years and it's one of the only things that works to really clean my skin. I've tried the really expensive stuff, prescription cleansers and cheap knock offs. This is hands down my favorite. I love to buy it from Costco in the big pump. It lasts months. Even Allure Magazine agrees. You really can't go wrong with Cetaphil.
Oil of Olay Regenerist-This anti-aging cream is my go-to day moisturizer. I'm fussy about quality skincare, but I hate spending more than 5 minutes moisturizing and caring for it. It's expensive for drugstore beauty, but it's a really great moisturizer. I never feel greasy, my skin feels hydrated and resiliant-so I highly recommend indulging the next time you find yourself at your local drugstore to try this. It's awesome!
Strivectin. I admit, I rarely am swayed by online testemonials. Who hasn't tried ProActiv? But I don't usually fall for stuff. I did, however, buy some Strivectin at Costco and I must say, I'm glad I did. With religious use, this stuff actually works. It took about 2 months to start seeing results, but used on stretch marks and wrinkles, I can actually say it did diminish them. It didn't erase them, but I was happy with the results. So happy that I took it for granted and stopped using it everday and night. Now I'm back on the regine and using it to focus on my main wrinkles-forehead and above my nose and between my brows, my "Scowl Wrinkle". My only complaint is the weird peppermint smell. It's really strong, almost Old Lady Peppermint Candy. I guess the smell could be worse, but it's enough to smell like a Hospital on Halloween.
Johnson's Baby Lotions and Cleansers. I love the smell of just about all the Johnson's Baby Products. The original Lotion, the Baby Oil-and it feels smooth, clean and hydrates. Hell, if it's good enough for a baby, it's good enough for me! I use the Johnson's Baby Wash in the shower as my soap. I feel clean and I smell baby fresh. I sometimes use the Baby Oil Wash for extra moisture, and to top it off, I really like the Calming Bedtime Lotion. It smells fresh, it's practical and economic, and it keeps my skin moist without being oily. I get my supply from Target or the Grocery Store, and I've loved it for years!

That's basically my beauty arsenal, but I'm always open for suggestions, tips and tricks! I get to see Madeleine next week, so I can't wait to see what she has in store for me to try, so maybe I'll have a few new Summer Must Have's that help stave off my aging fears and allow me to embrace the age of 29, and prepare myself for turning 30!


Abbie said...

I was wondering about the Strivectin (b/c it was a bit pricey). I'm glad you mentioned it! With the wedding less than 4 months away and the big 3-0 a month later, I could really use it!!

Anonymous said...

Love your product reco's! I also swear by Olay's Micro-Sculpting cream (P.S. They've removed "Oil of" from their name)