Monday, March 9, 2009

Got a Case of the Mondays?

Nic, my husband, holding a Star Wars Toy Camera

It's Monday, and many are back to the grind of work. For those of you who get bored at work, or have a Peter from Office Space day and need to sit and play games to make it through, have I got a site for you! Morphthing. Have you ever seen a person and said "He/She looks like if So & So and So & So had a baby", or perhaps you wondered what the lovechild of your favorite celebrities might look like. Well, pontificate no more thanks to They have a lot of famous people, and my only complaint is that they are sort of American-specific with a few random foreign famous faces thrown in, like Hitler and Zhang Zyi. I wanted to test my theory that Nic looks like Simon Pegg and the guy from the Young Indiana Jones TV Show, but sadly, they weren't on there. It's still some fun and a great way to pass the time! Happy Monday!

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Jennifer said...

Totally a case of the Mondays!