Friday, March 13, 2009

For laughs

I'm a big animal lover, truth be told, I could spend all day cuddling kittens, especially my own superstar Gracie! But I also love to laugh, and often enjoy humor that is sarcastic or dark, in nature. That's me, I'm dark on the inside. I'm also white, so, these two sites are perfect for an animal loving, sarcastic, white girl like me. So for those of you who enjoy laughter, if you haven't spied these great sites for random outbursts of cacaophonous delights, please spend your entire morning smirking, chuckling and let the laughs wash over you.

f-u, penguin
The commentary is really funny, and the pictures are either so cute you might need to bite someone, or something, or they are really funny, so either way, you win!

stuff white people like
it's really true-pretty much all of it. I happened to be on an episode of the Wire, and when my white friends found out, they thought it was the coolest thing ever, because, white people do love The Wire. Even cooler than everything else that ranks way cooler on my very own cool things I've done list.


Maggie @ Eat, Drink, Marry said...

Yess!!! F-U Penguin is my new favorite guilty pleasure. It's left me literally crying from laughter in my office behind a closed door on two occasions.

supergirl said...

Thank you for revealing the brilliant-ness that is "stuff white people like." I've now spent way too long snorting with laughter! Coming from the SF bay area, everything is so spot on and mercilessly funny.