Friday, February 13, 2009

What's more dreaded than Friday the 13th? Getting a Bikini Wax! Madeleine is back to answer some anonymous questions about the hair...down there...

Ah the brazilian, for most women a dreaded word- for most men their fantasy. There are a lot of different terms when it comes to bikini waxing, so I am here to help shed some light. First off to get a good visual imagine you are wearing a classic bikini bathing suit bottom( no tangas or thongs!)
The basic terminology are these:
1) A Classic bikini is very modest in terms of waxing. The hair line that is established is 2 finger widths (place your pointer & middle finger together like you're pretending to shoot a gun ) inside the bathing suit line.
2) A French bikini takes it up a notch in terms of removal & the hair line is moved 4 finger widths inside the bathing suit line. It's a nice meeting point & probably our most popular request.
3) The Brazilian- as our menu states is" As much off as your little heart desires!" Menus have lots of names for it, including the Bald Eagle & The Telly Savalis! This doesn't mean everything must go, again whatever you're comfortable with. Some prefer to leave a 'landing strip' which is a 2 finger width little rectangle remaining in the center with everything else removed, including the derriere. Most fear the pain, but to be honest most clients say the outside waxing hurts more than the 'inner' waxing. I have shaped hearts, even shamrocks- but you establish the shape. Please remember that your waxer does this for a living, we do it everyday & we are comfortable with it- so don't be embarrassed. I have 2 clients that come in after work together, have a glass of wine, get their brazilians, & then grab dinner.

Remaining consistent with scheduling is important in waxing, so this way helps them keep regular appointments(their hubbys are more than happy to watch the kids that night!)

Wishing you smooth skin for your Valentine!


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