Friday, February 6, 2009

The Brow Whisperer, Madeleine Homes

You've already been blog-troduced to my "Homes" girl Madeleine Homes of La Papillon Spa. She's known as "The Brow Whisperer" because she's amazing with those furry lumps above the eye. She's been helping me groom my overplucked brows and coached me on the regrowth and maintenance, for which I am eternally thankful. She even tackled Nic's brows our last visit to the Spa. He's a Ginger Kid, so his brows are light, but he definitely needed some maintenance to remove the dreaded male "Bert Brow." After convincing Nic to turn over his face to Madeleine, he relaxed on the massage table, full of fear and nervous energy as Madeleine heated up the wax (she actually uses this really cool, low heat polymer thing-it's very hi-spa tech). Before he knew it, she had rid his eyebrows of the strays and unwanted hairs and he didn't even realize it. No pain, no scalding wax, just a quick little pull and viola! Manly, yet well groomed brows. And we all know how men are when it comes to hair removal and pain threshold...and now, Madeleine shares her brow wisdom with the rest of us, so we might all have beautiful brows to frame our gorgeous faces!

"I have been called the brow whisperer & it's true I am obsessed with them-it takes a lot of restraint for me not to go after people in the grocery store! It is amazing to see what a difference a good shaping can make in one's overall appearance. The brows are the frame of the face & can do wonders for lifting the overall structure of the face when shaped properly. Whether you have dark hair or baby fine blonde hair, getting your brows waxed makes a big difference in terms of looking more pulled together. Here are couple of pointers for clients beginning their brow journey:
*Find an esthetician you like & remain consistent with her. Waxers have different techniques, so don't hop from one person to another or a shape you've worked hard to achieve could be altered.
*Have a tweezer intervention- hide those tweezers! I have had to intervene many a times when clients try to even out a mistake they made & end up tweezing almost their entire brow off.
*Be conservative- what's 'in' changes in the world of fashion ( check out your mother's brows) & we loose hair as we age. Always go with a classic vs. dramatic trendy shape
*Here's my rule of thumb- when helping my clients grow out their brows I instruct them to place their thumb where their brow starts at the inner eye as a guide for where not to pluck.
*Make sure you inform your technician of any AHA's or medications you may be on that could be thinning out the skin to prevent irritation."

Thanks Madeleine! Looking forward to a month chock full of your amazing beauty secrets!

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Anonymous said...

These are great tips!

I am currently looking for someone to properly shape my thick eyebrows.