Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Fit, the Revenge

Because of the great response I received from yesterdays post about fitness and dealing with body image, both in the comments and via email, it made me think "why not make this something bigger, something that motivates?" So I've decided to offer rewards and prizes for the most inspiring stories at the end of July. That should give all of us the time we need to get back into shape and to not only improve our overall health and fitness, but to improve the way we see ourselves. Start sending your stories this summer, June, July, and check back here at ATL for updates and information! If anyone is interested in donating goods or services, big or small, let me know. I'll be planning a few surprises come July 31st when the lucky recipients are announced...so start today, get up, put your trainers on and get moving. The fresh air-and surprise prize motivation- will do you and your body good!


Cyd said...

I love this! My wedding is in July so this is extra July motivation! So excited to see how it works out for everyone, prize or no prize.

Kristen Nichols said...

Great Cyd! i'll be posting reminders through out the months-with hints as to what the prizes are!