Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bridal Fashion, Rosa Clara

I must admit, I have a fashion crush on the gowns from Rosa Clara. I just love the beautiful architecture of these creations-there is something really special and unique about each dress that I could spend hours pouring over their catalog, daydreaming about another wedding where I get to wear one of these beauties. I love that Rosa Clara has a variety of gown styles-retro, modern, vintage, frilly, sleek, glamorous-I could keep listing adjectives, but I'm sure you'd get bored of reading. Here are some of my favorites, but please, go to the website and find your favorite, and if you are lucky enough to be planning a wedding and are on the hunt for a gown, find a shoppe that offers Rosa Clara, try as many of them on as you can, and know that somewhere in the tiny state of Delaware, I'll be wrought with envy that I am not there trying them on too!


holly | bijou lovely said...

I have the same fashion crush! I love her dresses!

Michelle said...

OMG, me too! I saw a dress of her, the one with little cap sleeves and a train that starts at the middle waist, and I just almost cried! That should have been my dress, I loved my dress...but man, why cant I get married again!

Keg Design said...

I just discovered Rosa Clara a few weeks ago - they are truly amazing dresses. Unfortunately, I've already got my dress (which I LOVE), but would have totally tried those if I knew. Are the prices reasonable? Love your're def tagged on mine!