Monday, January 12, 2009

Anthropologie, I've missed you....

Lately, I've taken a hiatus from clothes shopping-we've spent money on work expenses and redoing our office, but I found myself back on Anthropologie's website, and then later, driving past the store and gazing at the open door and tantalizing window display (it was a coincidence, I swear, it's not like I drunk dial the store and babble nervously and incoherently about our past). But Nic whisked me home and distracted me with household chores. I'd been doing so well without Anthropologie in my life. But we had been so good together, they had clothing that made me look and feel pretty, and I doled out oodles of cash in return. We were a good couple, Anthropologie and I, and I never meant to quit you, Anthro, I just got lost this winter with another mistress, Interior Design.

I had been loyal to Anthropologie for years, one of my very few long term clothing store relationships. I'm that kinda girl-I find a store that sells things that I like, that hold up for more than a season, and fit my body in a flattering fashion, and I hold onto them like grim death. Many girls out there can identify-shopping can be depressing if you aren't perfectly proportioned, and even if you have a body most would kill for, the wrong fit at a store can make you cry yourself to sleep and skipping anything that looks or smells like a carb. If you are like me, you develop a close personal relationship with stores and become fiercely loyal to them. I think that's why so many woman love Anthropologie-the laid back casanova who-never-tries-to-hard-to-court-you-of women's fashion. Great clothing, and the styles miraculously fit all shapes and sizes of lady, Pricey, but not elitist, and you can usually scour a sale. I have had a bit of a love affair with Anthropologie. They've bewitched me with their clever non-marketing and couture yard sale-European flea market flair, despite my common sense that they know exactly how to court girls like me. I get in there, or shop online, and I can easy fork over hundreds of dollars without flinching.

So as I find myself longing for Anthropologie, Here are ten dresses that have me falling in love all over again, but that happen to pretty darn perfect for everyday Spring/Summer wear, but also as a bridesmaid dress, or wedding guest dress. Just ten more reasons why I love Anthropologie, in a strictly platonic way.


Anonymous said...

i feel the SAME WAY about J.Crew. I never take a break tho, much to my husbands dismay!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous dresses!