Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pretty Wedding Hair, Part 2

We all want gorgeous, natural looking hair on our wedding day. We want to look like the celebrities do on the red carpet, only more radiant. As most of you are well aware, most celebrities rely on the best stylists and often times, hair extensions and wigs to look as beautiful as they do. So why not a bride?

For my wedding, I wanted long, soft hair, but sadly, my hair was just south of shoulder length. My stylist Amy, who i swear is a genius with hair, suggested I try Jessica Simpson's HairDos. I didn't really like the idea at first-a wig on my wedding day. How classy! After all, I was very familiar with how fake even the nicest wigs can look, and with all eyes on me, I really didn't want to take the chance of looking, well, garishly faux, on my wedding day. But I really wanted long hair. So, I bought the color ring, matched my hair color, and ordered the clip in 23 inch wavy hair, in "Buttered Toast" and gave it a try. It took a little adjusting to get used to the hair clip in-there is a learning curve, and you really have to work to blend it in, but once you put a little effort forth, the results were really surprising! It made my naturally thick hair appear fuller and healthier, and LONGER! I already had long layers, so it looked like my hair had just grown. A trick to dulling the typical shiny nature of synthetic hair is to use hairspray to dull it down, and add shine spray to your own hair, so they blend more naturally (They have human hair as well, if you want to splurge and not worry about mis-matched texture).
My awesome friend Alison helping me get ready, and petting my weave.

I tried the hair do out on a few occasions-always try hair and makeup several times before the big day-once to meet up with my good friend Laura in DC, and her boyfriend. They both couldn't get over how FAST my hair had grown and how healthy it looked. Laura even touched it up close, until I whispered "it's FAKE". She couldn't believe the hair was fake, until i quickly unclipped and pulled it out. She gasped "I have to get this", which became the sentiment of many of my girlfriends after discovering my hair growth secret!
So I decided that I would have the long hair I had always wanted for my wedding day. I clipped my hair half up with a vintage rhinestone barrette I'd found on ebay, pumped a little more hairspray onto my head and ventured out to get married! My hair stayed secure all night, and I had SO many comments on how gorgeous and long my hair was-friends who I hadn't seen in months asked what my secret was to getting my hair to grow so fast! Frankly, I forgot I was wearing a hairpiece, it fit in that well and made me feel that beautiful. We had a few glitches with light rain, the cake being completely wrong, but overall, my wedding was wonderful.

Fake hair and all.

my wedding photos were by the amazingly talented Monika Broz and Andrew Wilkinson


Liz said...

Thank you soo much for being candid about fake hair!

I have very short hair, which I am trying desperately to grow out fast. This seems like such a great option I never thought of (if my hair doesn't get to my desired length).

Joanna Goddard said...

ha, awesome!

Kristen Nichols said...

thanks for the comments! I really do love the hairdo's-they seem like they'd be cheesy, but when done right, you can't tell the difference!