Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Wedding Hair

This 60's inspired half up do is really great for those who want more volume. You can of course tone it down if it's a little too bouffant for you, but the way to do it is listed here! again, thanks to InStyle! This do would also work really well with the HairDo extensions-just be sure you hide the clips with your own hair or a gorgeous hair accessory! You can also pull some tendrils down for a softer look!

1.Set the hair with a 1-inch curling iron.
2. Separate Hair at the crown and temples and clipped aside.
3. Pull the hair back as if creating a low ponytail, and starting at the nape of the neck, twist the hair tightly into a vertical roll, pinning it to secure.
4. After unclipping the top layer, back-combed the hair at the crown for volume, smoothing the sides and back with a boar-bristle brush.
5. Shape the remaining hair into waves and pinned long strands at the crease of the roll, leaving the ends to fall free.

You'll need a curling iron, shine spray, bobby pins, boar hair brush, decorative hair accessories, hair control-like mouse, pomade, hairspray.

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