Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Harvest Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many of us are making travel arrangements, planning menus, cleaning and getting ready for the biggest travel day of the year! If you have time, or room at your table for that matter, to decorate for Thanksgiving, why not do it up simple with some bundled wheat? You can pick it up at most craft stores or farmers markets, and ribbon is simple to find online or at your favorite store, and if you want to be really rustic, why not try twine? Feathers make a cool decoration, especially when you choose pheasant or peacock and put them in a pretty vase. You can also scatter some small pumpkins and gourds around on a bed of fall leaves-cheap and easy! And candles are always a table favorite, setting a soft scene with the warm ambiance of flickering candlelight, especially when those candles are harvest colors (and scents). Naturally, these simple table centerpieces would also work well with a harvest theme wedding or party. I love the idea of using real fall leaves as place cards-you can use a metallic craft pen to carefully calligraphy the names of guests and put then with the napkin, like the setting above.

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