Friday, November 7, 2008

Even MORE wedding Hair

Here are some really pretty, easy hair ideas you can do yourself! All you need is some hair control product, hairspray, shine spray, a brush and a curling iron (or soft velcro rollers if you want it to be very soft and voluminous!) For the top one, a curling iron, some shine spray and voila! a simple sleek down do.

Remember, a focal hair accessory like this can hide hair flaws! That's a messy bun with a pretty pin!Or go with a style that's a little more neat like this! A simple tucked loose bun with a killer hair piece!

Velcro Rollers left in for a while, some backcombing with a boar hair brush and some shine spray to finish..maybe a little hairspray or pomade to hold, and you've got sexy touseled waves...
Really simple, for those girls with long, sleek hair. Half up, half down, great earrings.
But if you have curly hair, why not go with it? Half up messy bun and a fun tiara!
Great for short hair, or long hair-a little retro wave and some pretty curls-let down or up in a twist!

Part your hair, make some braids, and pull them into a pretty bun in the back, secrure with something from etsy phenoms like Oh My Deer or Portobello!

And always remember, PRACTICE!

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Kim said...

Love the hair posts-really helping me figure out what I want to do with my hair-and I love knowing that a bride used hair extensions, makes me less afraid!