Thursday, September 10, 2009

What to Wear to a Wedding

I spend a lot of time at weddings, for weddings and about weddings. At weddings, I'm usually there in a domestic capacity, so I wear black or grey, and go for comfort and ease of movement over anything. I'm attending a wedding as a guest this upcoming weekend and found myself knitting my brow and scratching my head as to what I would wear. I have a closet full of really great, versatile clothes, but nothing seemed right. And I know I'm not alone. Men have it easy. Suit and ties are easy-and they can wear black pretty much anytime and still look good, just buy a snazzy new tie or shirt and you're good to go. But we women are a little more difficult, and the event often dictates our style choice. Is it indoor or outdoor, garden or formal, rustic or black tie, what season, what's the weather, what time is it...all these questions can lead us through a maze of fashion, trying to figure out what works best. We all know that a little black dress is the perfect solution for everything, but it can be kinda boring. The key to a little black dress is in the accessories, so if you have an existing LBD, go shopping for some killer shoes, the perfect clutch and some stand out jewelry, just try not to look like a kid playing dress up. I've picked a few very different LBD for every style, shape and budget that need only a little accessorizing love to make them ready for the party!
1. Victorias Secret 2. Anthropologie 3. J.Crew 4-6. Bloomingdales

This time of year is especially difficult. September is one of those hard to dress months. I remember the old fashioned rule of "never wear white after Labor Day", and you feel like even though it's still 80 degrees, a cute floral dress is too Spring/Summer. Not necessarily. Pair up that cute dress with a cardigan, or find a floral that's a little more Autumnal. Find Hues that are deeper and richer, or ones that transcend like cool greys and lilacs, or anchor those lighter colors with Navy, Chocolate, Slate or Black. Strapless dresses in slightly heavier silks are great, and again can be paired with a cardigan or wrap. I'm a cardigan girl myself, wraps feel like I'm walking around in a blanket, and I'd rather have a cute little sweater to throw on when the night air gets a chill than an oversized men's jacket.
It's easier to dress for a formal affair, but still, there can be challenges. With the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall, you can't go wrong with Jewel Tones and a little, or a lot of shimmer. Just don't overdo it. You want to look classy and elegant, not like a Drag Queen at Mardi Gras, so pair your shimmery dress with some suede Heels and Simple Jewelry. A little goes a long way!
1,4 &8 Neiman Marcus 2&5 Victorias Secret 3&6 The Outnet 7 Tracey Reese


Katie said...

i wore black to the last wedding i went to. i was the ONLY girl in black. but i think as long as you dont wear white you're alright. love these dresses!!

Sarah said...

I love all of these dresses! I'm definitely going to have to ask for your advice on what to wear before we do our engagement shoot! :)