Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy First Birthday B & E!

My nephews turned 1 on Saturday, and we all got together Sunday to celebrate in a low key little party for Brandon and Ethan. I can't believe a year ago they were these little wrinkly things. Today they are walking and learning to talk, and of course, being crazy cute.
Camera in tow, I watched as the boys took a trip around the yard with my Dad, also known as "Gampah Snap", and of course, the excitement of their very first birthday treat, the Elmo Cupcake!
The Birthday Hats were not a hit....

....But the Cupcakes certainly were!

We all stood around laughing and cooing as the boys attacked the cupcakes like a competitive eating challenge. Brandon stuffed the cupcake icing first into his face and gnawed his way through, while Ethan decided the best method for him was the squish and smash. Either way, it made for wonderful memories of my adorable baby nephs'.

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