Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the Spirit of Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you are the type (like me) who really enjoy all things spooky, ghoulish and haunted, there is more out there for you than you may realize! The Travel Channel has a slew of programming and online excitement celebrating this haunting holiday, with a lot of halloween themed shows and interactive games. They are also debuting a brand new paranormal investigation show, Ghost Adventures, which is no doubt in response to Ghost Hunters, on Sci Fi, and Paranormal State, on A&E. The Travel Channels Halloween Specials revolve around haunted locations and scare attractions. A really nice addition they've included is a list of haunted travel ideas for those of us that simply watching about a haunted location isn't enough, we want to check it out for ourselves! On Discovery, you can check out their cult favorite, A Haunting, which is in season 4 already, and on their sister channel, Discovery ID, they have a few additional paranormal investigative docudramas for your pleasure. If the story behind some of the most frightening individuals and locations of fiction and reality are more your thing, check out Biography to see what they are doing for halloween with everything from the paranormal to their special Boo-ographies!
Sadly, there aren't many of the novelty Halloween specials that many of us grew up anticipating from the big networks, such as The Great Pumpkin or Disney's Sleep Hollow Cartoon. There is a blog dedicated to those great old shows with their links on amazon to buy up that long lost nostalgia!

Luckily, I already have my favorite Halloween specials on DVD! Now if only I could find Captain Noah on DVD.......he always had great Autumn themed shows that make me misty eyed for my youth and Saturday Morning!

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Anonymous said...

WHAT??? No Great Pumpkin? That makes me almost cry! What is this world coming to???

Thanks for the links to the halloween shows!