Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Affairs of State: Delaware

I thought it might be a fun idea to create inspiration boards that focus not only on color, but on a particular State. After all, we often see weddings that follow a city, area or country theme, so why not a state theme? Delaware's state colors happen to be blue and gold, which make a really chic, preppy wedding when the main inspiration is the Lucinda strapless gown with pockets from J.Crew ($2500) and some pretty marigold and navy accessories also from J.Crew!

Images courtesy Rebecca Thuss, J.Crew, The Knot, Brides, Harry Winston, InStyle Weddings


What he ate, what I ate. said...

What an adorable idea! The post originally caught my eye because I thought the colors were the same as mine, black and white, but navy and gold? Perfect!

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

That blueberry cake picture is what I used for the inspiration for my wedding cake! I love that you like it too! We had blue berry pound cake (neither my husband or I are big sweet people) The irony is we almost forgot to cut the cake because we had a whole spread of Greek Pasteries. We ended up cutting it at the end of the reception right before the last dance after many guests left. We had so much left over that my parents ended up serving the blue berry pound/wedding cake to our out of town guests at brunch the next morning!