Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall at Terrain

This past weekend, Nic and I ventured out to Terrain in nearby Glen Mills for their amazing brunch food. Nic took the time to experiment with his newest toy, the Blackbird Fly TLR (twin lens reflex) that shoots 35mm. I played around with a bit over lunch, taking some portraits of my husband, before coursing through the amazing visual feast Terrain bestows upon it's guests. With Nic and the Blackbird, and I with my trust digital SLR, we went our separate ways to photograph what we saw. I was really taken with the harvest feeling and general effortless splendor of the season at Terrain. I thought that had really outdone themselves with creative table settings. They had set their tables up to help sell products, but I couldn't help but think what a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone looking to decorate for the season, or who wanted unique decor for a holiday get together, party or perhaps even a wedding! Spy some of the beautiful eye candy Terrain has to offer, and if you want to see what the Blackbird Fly can do, check out four corners dark, nic's blog dedicated to preserving the wonderful art of toy and film cameras.

all images courtesy of Kristen Nichols, Jubilee Photography, and of course the obliging displays at Terrain!

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nicole d said...

I'm in love with Terrain!thanks for the photos! I'm in Michigan and I hope that Terrain comes out here. Til then, i'll keep scouring the net.