Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide : #1 iPhone Book Case

There are a few things that I both wanted AND needed, and one of those was a case for my iPhone 4s. I don't like the open face cases, since my phone had a habit of purse dialing friends or family, and the screen could easily get scratched. I learned the hard way with my iPhone 4 how fragile those damn screens are when it broke less than a month into owning it from a slight bump (I'm guessing the proprietary touch screen is made of blown sugar). Now with my new iPhone 4S, I want to keep my phone protected, which is one of the many reason's I LOVE the 12 South Book Book iPhone Case, and am so excited that we're selling it at The other thing I LURVE about this case is that it's a mini wallet-I can put my ID, 2-3 credit/debit cards and some folded cash and go-which is great for heading to the gym, running errands, small nighttime clutches, or for guys, just a regular, everyday wallet. AND it's only $45 for genuine leather and overall design awesomeness/adorability, whatever you wanna call it. While you do need to remove the phone slightly from the case for photos or videos, that's the only bugaboo I have with this otherwise stellar and perfect little iPhone Case. If you're scratching your head as to what to get a guy, a girl, friend, in-law or anyone who loves them some iPhone, you really cannot go wrong with the Book Book iPhone Case from Four Corner Store. I rest my case.


Nikki Rappaport said...

Oh, this little book cover is so cute! What a wonderful gift find! Thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

I've never seen such a cute case! I love this!!