Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Milkmaid Press : Fulton

What do you get when you take 19th century Parisian Fashion, a dash of Gothic Victorian design and mix it with industrial punk fantasy Steampunk? Fulton, the newest design from Milkmaid Press!

Stripe Dress, Cufflinks, Gear Bracelet, Bouquet, Bolero, boutonniere, Wedding Dress, Gear Decor, Bradbury House, Magnifying Glass, Globe


Manni said...

The black dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it : D

Jenna said...

I adore the beautiful old world artifacts. I think they give a vintage charm to any space. I just found this sundial/birdbath that has a great old world patina and you can have it inscribed with a couples name! so adorable check it out: