Monday, February 7, 2011

Jubilee Portraits : E+B=TROUBLE

This weekend, I went to visit my nephews and to take some photos of them in the snow. Apparently, they had gotten into a bit of trouble earlier with the snow, and were told by their parents not to throw snowballs. When I took them outside for a little playtime-picture time in the dreaded white stuff, both boys were very reluctant to play in the snow, they take their rules very seriously! My favorite shot of the day would have to be Brandon, reminding me with a bit of seriousness that he was not about to get into any trouble. You can see his little mouth forming the word "Trouble" and such a pensive look on his face. Such good, sweet boys, I just can't get enough! Oh, and I used film, and had it processed for $6 at my local 1 hour photo.
Again, Ethan is pretty mellow, sweet and happy go lucky. Brandon's
face is so full of expression, these 3 frames were taken in a quick succession...