Monday, August 2, 2010

Jubilee Weddings : Wes & Jenn 7.3.2010

Wes and Jenn were married on 4th of July Weekend at Belmont Estate just south of Baltimore, Maryland. The amazing team of Sky Blue Events, with Jennifer Grove leading the way, designed a very elegant, laid back wedding for Wes, a scientist, and Jennifer, a teacher, and their closest friends and family.
Jenn is very close with her family, especially her Grandmother,who gave Jenn her vintage Pearls as a wedding present.
We took a little detour towards the pool to cool off from the sweltering summer heat, and of course, snap a few photos!
The theme of Wes and Jenn's wedding, if their had to be one, would be laughter. Everyone laughed and smiled the entire time, from being blissfully happy to being downright silly, laughter could be heard the entire night!


Sarah said...

Beautiful! Looks like a really fun wedding. :)

Vivian Lacroix said...


Sky Blue Events said...

Jenn and Wes look so happy -- you and Nic did a fabulous job capturing their wedding's spirit. Such a treat to work with you again.

Niki Wakefield said...

Kristen - thanks for capturing the love and joy that was in abundance at Jenn & Wes' was such a fun day...Niki (MOB)

Unknown said...

Jen and Niki, these pictures are fabulous! What a wonderful day you had, and such a beautiful setting! I must compliment the photographer(s). These are perfect memories!