Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheap and Chic, f'real

I've been trying to find a great transition party dress to wear to parties, weddings and general fancy nights out, and it's either really cheap, short and poorly made, or it's crazy expensive designer duds. Not so much with elle h outlet. I must say, I could get into some serious trouble on this site-they have great designer clothing at a fraction of the price-most savings are 60-75% off! Elle H also has a full price section with the latest and greatest, but I'm not a trend whore, so I could really care less what's cutting edge. Don't get me wrong, I believe in being fashionable, but you should never have to sell your body to science or dumpster dive to do so. Clothes should be well made of high quality, something that fits and flatters, and well, something I like to wear. Maybe that comes with age or maturity, or me being a bit tight fisted-with my cash, but elle h outlet is my new best friend when it comes to getting nice stuff, like Poleci, Nicole Miller, Walter, Tufi Duek, Hussy, Cynthia Steffe and Tocca on the discount.

p.s. no items featured in this article are over $150, f'real.


CAC muffin said...

oh man i love the mint green coat! Its heavenly!

Jen said...

Awesome find! I love that first black, lace dress! Gorgeous!