Saturday, December 27, 2008

Plastic Barrettes from my Childhood

Etsy is addictive, and I think most Etsy shoppers can atest to that. I love all the great things you can find, and I think it's wonderful way to support independent artists and businesses. With all that adult talk out of the way, I'm free to indulge my inner child of the 80's with Very Vintage's Etsy Store. This fab little find brought me right back to elementary school with it's kitschy plastic jewelry that is full of girly nostalgia. I love most of what I saw, and considering most items are around $5, I can pick up as much as I want without feeling too guilty about spending money on myself around the holidays!

Very Vintage has adorable jewelry for everyday, but I thought how cute these would be for the non-traditional bride who wanted a little punk, a little fun, a lot of nostalgia or a tad of whimsy injected into the day!

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