Monday, August 18, 2008

Trend Lover #8. Favoring A Good Cause

Interested in making your wedding a charity case? Many couples are opting to be do-gooder newlyweds and sharing the love by making donations to charities that touch their hearts, and we think that's a trend that should spread! Whether you want to reach out globally or locally, there are numerous charities and organizations that would benefit from the joy and generosity of a wedding celebration! A bride I recently worked with opted to donate money in honor of her guests to various environmental causes. My husband and I have donated to numerous animal organizations since we are both die-hard animal lovers (we've rescued 3 pets, a dog, a cat and a turtle!). We love the idea of donating or gifting money to organizations that have a special significance to the bride and groom. It's just one more way to feel even better on your wedding day by doing good for others! For more information and to peruse various charities, check out!

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