Friday, August 1, 2008

Anthropologie's New Green Thumb: Terrain at Styers

I live in the lovely Brandywine Valley, close to Philadelphia, and more importantly, near the home of Anthropologie! That's right, as many of you know, Anthropologie is based out of the Philadelphia area, and they have recently dipped their toes into the Landscaping and Garden world with Terrain. Terrain takes your typical landscaping/gardening store and makes it uniquely and indisputably cooler, younger, dreamier and sexier, full of what you'd expect to find in Anthropologies foray into the green scene. When you roll up to Terrain, you are greeted by rustic barns and shanty style greenhouses, and plants as far as the eye can see. In fact, I've never seen so many different varieties of plants and flowers, most of which have moravia tickets, so you get the feeling that Anthropologie is taking landscaping rather seriously. Walking around, you are keenly aware that this is an Anthro venture, with the rustic-modern patio furniture and one-of-a-kind antiques carefully and lazily strewn all over the grounds. It's effortlessly deliberate, as are most things Anthropologie. There are great little outposts for the cashiers and garden accessories, lush and lovely antique inspired greenhouses, and really cool home and garden finds you never knew you had to have. The Garden Cafe is a lovely oasis featuring easy and earthy foods, herbal and infused teas and spritzers and rejuvenative sweets to tempt your palette as you peruse the indoor shoppe. I've yet to eat in the garden terrace or the outdoor patio space, but the teas are delicious, albeit a tad skimpy in size for the lack of A/C throughout the compound! The cafe and home shop are inside a concrete, wood and tin roof barn-type structure, that is as zen as it is bucolic. There are spa and body products, gorgeous orchids and flowers, books, gifts, flower pots, door mats, dishes and glassware, pillows and lanterns, chandeliers and cards...there's so much to see it's overwhelming. Terrain is truly a landscaping destination and feast for the senses, and if you ever find yourself near Philly, skip down to the Brandywine Valley and check out Terrain. You'll be glad you did! Just go on a day that isn't 90 degrees!


Anonymous said...

that's so cool! I hope then bring terrain to california where I live!

Anonymous said...

I'm so obsessed with Anthropologie, I really hope that Terrain picks up and becomes a nationwide phenomenon!