Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trend Lover #5. Unconventional Calligraphy

As stationers and purveyors of all things lovely, both in weddings and in life, I have a great fondness and appreciation for the art of calligraphy. Some of the most amazing calligraphers include Laura Hooper, Stephanie Barba, Nan Deluca, May + Bell, all of whom are artists. What I really like about these ink phenoms is the modernity and charm of much of their work. Sure, they can do the traditional scripts, but what really sets them apart is the unique and quirky look and feel of their hand-drawn illustrations and lettering that really makes them stand out in the crowd. Don't get me wrong, I love gorgeous, uniform calligraphy, but I also admire the unusual and original. Laura Hooper's amazingly talented and such a great person to work with-she has such a flair to her work and custom maps, and her work has been featured in countless publications, such as Inside Weddings and Bride and Bloom. Stephanie Barba might be the grand dame of unconventional calligraphy, and her Couture Maps is the must-have GPS for guests who want a little more whimsy with their directions. If you aren't sure about calligraphy or just don't have it in the budget, you still have options! A great idea for those brides looking to pinch pennies, or make the wedding more intimate is to enlist your friends and family- all of whose penmanship you regard- to address envelopes, place cards, and other paper-goods that need some inking! It's another way to incorporate unconventional calligraphy, save money, and make friends and family feel included in the planning process!
(photo credits, top-Couture Maps by Stephanie Barba, Bottom, Calligraphy by May + Belle)


Anonymous said...

I've seen these maps in Instyle Magazine and Martha Stewart and I really think they are sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

From a distance, the "unconventional" maps look a little like the map to your wedding!

Bad Kid Productions said...

Love it!
I'm actually getting the guy from my local kinkos to do my calligraphy - he's got the best handwriting I've ever seen, and he'll do it for a song :)