Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trend Lover #4. Sweet Treat Buffet

Yet another trend we're loving is the less than formal and always fun dessert buffet or candy bar. Whether you use chocolates, cupcakes, lollipops, chewing gum, caramel corn, old-fashioned candy, or a mix of sweet treats, it's a great way to look luxe on a budget and give everyone a choice about what they get to eat. At my wedding, we did this with chocolates in apothecary jars, which continued our vintage, home-made theme and it was a huge success. We used them as favors, but they can be used however you want, to greet the guests at the reception or even ceremony, as favors or an extra station, or in lieu of a wedding cake all together! The really great thing about a candy buffet, is that it can really pull your wedding theme together without costing you a fortune and is a really great way to express your tastes as a couple. If you are having a seaside wedding, for instance, candies such as salt water taffy, swedish fish and other "nautical" inspired sweets would be great. Think of childhood favorites, like cotton candy, twinkies or mini donuts, there are so many choices and list is as infinite as there are favorites sweets! The point is to make it approachable and fun for your guests all while being true to yourself. The sweet buffet is perfect for expressing a more whimsical, childish side even at the most posh soirees, and less formal weddings feel that much more special. Candy and Sweet Treats are such a great way to bring out the kid in all of us, and are sure to make any wedding a trip down memory lane!


Anonymous said...

I love the twinkie idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I really like the idea of not having a wedding cake, and have a variety of desserts for the guests. My fiance and I are thinking of lollipops and salt water taffy-we're having a beach wedding this august and think that would be really great!

Connie at The Wedding Line said...

If you're looking for glass candy jars for your candy buffet, check out under the GLASS section.