Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide : Last Minute Gifts

Years ago, I worked at a small town pharmacy and gift shop, and I remember inevitably, Christmas Eve, men in droves came in panicked looking for gifts for their wives, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, friends, sisters, brothers, get the general idea. In todays busy world, where Holidays tend to sneak up on us, it's nice to know that there are last minute gift ideas that are perfect for anyone on your list! Never underestimate the value in a gift card, chocolate, cookies, candies, meats, cheeses, spices, lotions, perfume or candles. Sometimes, it's all about how you deliver the gift, which is why I've included some clever gift card packaging-2 gifts in one!


Hope Stevens said...

The hoodie iphone case is ADORABLE!

Jessica said...

Aw! I really like the blackberry phone case. Alexander Graham Bell would be proud.