Friday, March 5, 2010

Jubilee Commercial : Walter's Whole Foods

I'm lucky that so many of my business clients I also consider good friends, so spending a day at Bucktoe with Diane, Cathy and Joelle styling these amazing, all natural foods for dogs was such a joy, not to mention made my stomach growl.

Everything on the menu is edible for people, and as you can see, Diane's kittens couldn't resist! All these foods are homemade from all natural, organic ingredients and are the result of years of research, experience and dedication of their lives to the wellbeing and health of dogs.
Here is Walter of Walter's Whole Foods, or "Dubs" as he is affectionately called. He's quite a big boy, and is a super healthy, playful dog, having grown up eating his own foods since he was a tiny puppy.

The actual site, Bucktoe, is Diane's home, and she hopes to open a wellness & rehabilitation center on the property in the very near future that will welcome dogs and their companions, so for those who are animal lovers looking for very worthy causes, Gentle Spirit Farm could use all the help it can get so these remarkable women can get started making the world a better place for dogs.


Unknown said...

i love all of these shots! so crisp and wonderful :)

Kristen Nichols said...

makin' me blush!

Unknown said...

mmm... this makes me want to ditch the city life and live in the country. lovely!