Sunday, June 29, 2008

Setting the Right Tone

Wedding Music is often overlooked or a last minute decision, if it's made at all and not left to the hired pro's who will be handling it. When I was planning my own wedding, I had a great deal of help from a tried and true professional wedding musician-my mother Ginny, who had been playing piano and organ professionally since she was 14. She sat with me by the piano, with a mountain of Piano books and started playing all the familiar, classical standards. Debussy, Wagner, Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart.....but none of them seemed to fit. I wanted a song that felt like Nic and me, that reflected our personalities, and that would emphasize this monumental event in our lives. So I chose Elfman, Danny Elfman, specifically the Ice Dance Finale from Edward Scissorhands. It was beautiful, haunting, theatrical and absolutely perfect. When I played it for my mother for the first time, she actually cried, and through her easy-come tears (she cried at everything from fittings to cake choices to Bridal shows on Lifetime) she whimpered, "It sounds like the two of you." And that meant something special.

So my advice to every bride is to take as much time choosing your ceremony songs and first dance music as you do your dress, because it's just as important! We'd love to hear some of your wedding soundtracks, First Dance Songs and the like-and why you chose them, so leave us your comments!

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I really love who light and airy these storyboards are-i've been an avid reader of snippet, and I found your blog on their site-I really love Milkmaid Press, and you have the cutest kitten!