Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another New Site

I've been reworking almost all of my websites lately, making them easier to navigate, faster to load and simpler for me to update! Jubilee Photography is no exception. No new branding like Milkmaid Press, but there are more images and it flows better, I think! I'm still toying with adding the option of a pop up music player-giving viewers the choice to listen to music if they want. Most photography sites are flash with music that auto loads, which I'm not such a big fan of since so many people peruse the web at work, or have their own background noise. I do like the idea of a soft rotation of music playing but I'm not sure if viewers do or don't want it, so any suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said... the site!

edytaphoto said...

i have the same opinion - music on sites not necessary so much since most people are at work during the day! i always end up turning it off anyways...
site flow most important for sure - love the new one!