Friday, March 2, 2012

Wooly Wooly

Ever see something so cute you have the fight the urge to bite or squeeze it? Well, in my house, we call that "kitten claw", it's that feeling you get when your eyes lock onto something so adorable, your brain can't take just how cute it is, and your hands begin to curl in a claw like fist, your jaw clenches, your pupils dilate, you might squeal with delight a random stream of jibberish, you get a wave of delight that you had the privilege of experiencing something so cute, you body literally almost can't handle it. Well, I had virtual kitten claw when I saw these crazy cute little handmade wool critters on Etsy. They are so cute, I couldn't keep them to myself, I had to share their cute with all of you and hopefully, spread kitten claw onto each and everyone of your computers.


Maja said...

oh my gawd!
i was actually speechless on laying my eyes on them. must be another symptom...

Leila Kr├╝ger said...

Following! I loved your things! So cute!

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The Farmer's Trophy Wife said...

those are seriously cute!

Laura Shema said...

I love that owl! Cute collection!

Laura Shema said...
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