Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Purse Quest

I'm on another impossible search...purses! I have some fun, costume purses, but I'm on the hunt for a tried and true everyday bag. I have a Tod's Leather Bag I love, but it's suffering from long standing daily abuse, so I'm looking to give it a rest, maybe have it reconditioned, and in the meantime, introduce a new everyday purse to my team roster. I've started looking around, at varying price points, and I found myself getting easily distracted at Lilac Bijoux! I have the most adorable snakeskin cinching wallet from Lilac Bijoux (they have a store in Belvedere Square in Baltimore) so I thought that I might see what I could find in terms of everyday bags from there!

And they also have really great jewelry!


Carey R. Piper said...

I like the blue purse, perfect for spring/summer!

Ivory bridal shoes said...

This jewelry is so gorgeous! It's great that it's distinct and gives some color to the white wedding dress.