Friday, April 17, 2009

Four Corner Store

I'm happy to announce that Nic just launched an online store dedicated to toy and film cameras to supplement his increasingly popular blog, Four Corners Dark. The store is Four Corner Store and it's full of goodies, film, and neat toy camera finds. If you are looking for a great deal on really cool or offbeat toy cameras, by all means, check it out! Inventory changes, and he's always looking for new, rare and interesting finds, so make sure to stop by Four Corner Store regularly for updated merchandise, sales and cool stuff.


Louise said...

Oh my. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this camera! I saw a wedding shoot somewhere where the bride had supplied Lomography Holga for each table setting for photo-ops. Loved the idea, but at $70 a pop, not in this bride's budget! Thanks for sharing!

Angie Wood said...

Thanks for sharing! I had never heard of that site and now I'm all over it! We love vintage cameras for our wedding photography and I have found some great stuff on that site!