Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Wear : Long Sleeved Maxi Dress

I LOVE long sleeve maxi dresses because they cover up everything I don't feel like putting on display. Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses might have you thinking puritanical thoughts, but sometimes showing less is a lot more fashionable than you think and can be quite chic in a sea of barely there dresses and mini's so short, they look like toddler headbands, the Long Sleeve Maxi is a breathe of fresh air for the fashionable adult woman is anything but old fashioned. I look for dresses with a slighly higher natural waist line to make me look longer than my 5'6 frame. I also look for sleeves that can be rolled up or that open naturally to expose forearms and elbows. Maxi-Shirtdresses are great for Spring through Fall, since you can unbutton some of the bottom buttons to show some leg when you walk, or look for the hi-low hemline in your maxi. I prefer deep v necks for great cleavage and collarbone action, and accessories play a big part in Long Sleeve Maxi Perception. Accessorize for an easy, bohemian feel or take go more modern for an edgy feel. 

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