Friday, February 20, 2009

About Face

She's Baaaaaacccckkkk....answering more of your questions!

If I want to hire a makeup artist- what should I expect?

You spend a lot of time finding the perfect dress, perfect photographer-make sure to save face! A professional make-up artist can help you put your absolute best face forward for your wedding day. Do your research- ask recent brides about their experiences, friends, even wedding planners for recommendations. An established make-up artist will require a consult. Remember this is your big day & everyone communicates differently, so this trial run is imperative and the place to iron out any wrinkles! I always ask prospective brides to bring photos of looks they love, as well as a few looks that they don't like. One person's version of 'elegant' could be over the top for another. During the consult, besides the trial make-up, you will go over all aspects of what you're looking for on your big day (schedules,photography, bridal party,etc...). Expect to sign a contract with a deposit required to secure the date.

Can I do my own make-up for my wedding?
Only you can answer this question my beauty! However, would you have friends be the only one taking pictures on your big day instead of a professional photographer? If you are having a very low key event and you are someone who does a minimal make-up application everyday- then you probably can get away with it. I always suggest you remain true to yourself in your wedding look. However an expert knows the tips and tricks from years of experience in the industry...Techniques to bring forward your favorite features while concealing flaws that make you insecure (ie, the dreaded stress pimple)- all with the look withstanding tears, eating, sweating & kissing throughout your wedding day. Whatever your decision- may you feel beautiful on your day!

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