Friday, January 23, 2009

Let the Sun Shine In

Yellow is a happy color, and for me, a color that reminds me of childhood. Yellow Schoolbuses, yellow #2 pencils, those yellow notepads, yellow falling leaves in Autumn, and mostly, the sun shining on me as I played outside without a care in the world. I remember picking buttercups and honeysuckle and the smell a warm summer day. Pastel and buttery yellow make me think of early Spring and Easter egg hunts with my Sunday School. I guess yellow brings out the kid in me. So come on, get happy, and let the yellow wash over you and brighten your day!



Images courtesy of Brides, Martha Stewart, Snippet and Ink, Anthropologie, Next Exit Photography, The Knot, Jose Villa, Tec Petaja, Country Living, J.Crew,EcoChic Weddings


Anonymous said...

What a bright and happy post! I really enjoy these color posts so much! This one is so pretty!

Kristen Nichols said...

Thanks Lisa-a few more color posts are still to come to finish out January-in February, I'm doing a series of posts focusing on beauty tips with my good friend and makeup guru Madeleine-stay tuned!

A Wedding Story said...

Oh how I love yellow! Great post :)